Leland Management- Proud to be a Contributor to FCAP’s Certified Florida Community Association Manager Training Program

Rebecca Furlow, President of Leland Management has been selected to be one of the contributing professionals to the Certified Florida Community Association Manager (CFCAM) course conducted by the FCAP.  This course is part of the CFCAM training in the Florida Advanced CAM Studies curricula and was written and designed by Florida Professionals with the highest levels of knowledge  in their respective fields.  Leland Management’s Rebecca Furlow is the professional contributor for the Human Resources Portion of this course which touches on the  associations obligations to managing employees and vendors.

Leland Management has always taken an active role in education and is proud to share our expertise and be a part of the CFCAM course and on the cutting edge of training programs and initiatives for the Association Management industry. 

Leland Management is an Association Management firm serving over 350 community associations throughout Florida.  They have offices located in Orlando, Brevard, Ocala, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Flagler Beach, St. Augustine, Clearwater and Tampa.  Leland Management is a family owned company with all of the resources of a large Association Management firm but with the focus and personal customer service of a family owned business.  For more information on Leland Management and their Continuing Education initiatives please visit them online at http://www.lelandmanagement.com or shoot over an email to info@lelandmanagement.com.  

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