Golf Carts…Not Just for the Golf Course

Golf Carts…Not Just for the Golf Course

In many Florida Communities golf carts have evolved from a golf course convenience to a mode of transportation.    With their increase in popularity has come the debate over how these motorized vehicles fit safely in a residential environment.

Many communities have been built with safe golf cart transportation in mind by having 130717_FL_TheVillagesMainStreet_jpg_CROP_multipart-mediumdesignated cart paths and published cart guidelines.  The complaints come when people want to take their carts outside of the community to go into town or live in a community that is not set up for cart operations.

Leland Management hears resident complaints from both sides of the road; the cart owners about the restrictions on driving the carts and the non-cart owners and pedestrians about the safety of interacting with the carts.

To prevent these complaints and concerns, Leland Management recommends that communities develop a set of guidelines around golf cart operation and communicate it to all residents. It is important that the state and local laws around cart operation are reviewed and incorporated into these guidelines.

The state of Florida has several guidelines involving cart operation (noted below).  Additionally, it is important to check with your local municipality and law enforcement to see if any additional restrictions or enforcements are in effect.

With the proper communication and willingness to follow the guidelines, cart users and non-cart users can live in harmony.  Happy Carting!

Summary for State of Florida Golf Cart Regulations

  1. The State of Florida does not require a license to drive a golf cart, but the local government can require a license or permit.
  2. You must be at least 14 years old to legally operate a golf cart.
  3. You do not need to register the vehicle. Yet, the local government may require that it be inspected.
  4. The state of Florida does not require insurance on a golf cart either, but the local government may require it.
    A golf cart can only be driven on a local or county road that has been approved for golf carts.
  5. A golf cart cannot be driven on a state road and you can only cross a state road at approved crossings for golf carts that are posted.
  6. You cannot drive a golf cart on the sidewalk, and the posted speed limit has to be 30 miles per hour or lower to drive them on approved streets.
  7. The golf cart can only be driven between sunrise and sunset, unless the local government has approved it for night use.
  8. In order for a golf cart to be approved for night use, it must have a windshield, reflectors, turn signals, headlights and brake lights.


Sample of Golf Cart Guidelines

  1. The pedestrian always has the right-of-away and operators of any electric golf cart or similar vehicle must permit this right-of-away.
  2. All occupants of an electric golf cart shall keep hands, arms, legs and feet within the confines of the vehicle at all times when the cart is moving.
  3. Never back up without ensuring there is no pedestrian or obstruction behind you.
  4. Never shift gears while the vehicle is in motion.
  5. Reduce speed to compensate for inclines, pedestrians, sharp turns, blind corners and adverse weather conditions.
  6. Maintain a safe operating distance between other vehicles and any pedestrians.
  7. Use extreme care at building entrances and upon entering or exiting any enclosed areas.
  8. Use the safety mirrors on your vehicle at any intersection to ensure pedestrian safety.
  9. When driving on the streets in the community keep to the far right side of the lane to allow other vehicles to pass, if safe to do so.
  10. Always obey traffic rules and regulations.
  11. Never exceed the safe speed limit.
  12. Do not use cell phones or text while the vehicle is in motion.
  13. Do not try and run or walk pets while operating any of the modes of personal transportation.
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