Leland Management President, Rebecca Furlow, a Woman of Distinction

Women of Distinction

Rebecca Furlow, the president of Leland Management, will be recognized at the Girl Scouts of Citrus Women of Distinction and Centennial Gala for her nomination for the Women of Distinction Award.  This award is one of the most prestigious awards that the Girl Scout Organization (now in their 100th year) bestows upon a person.  The Women of Distinction Award is given to those whose outstanding achievements contribute to the wellbeing and future of our community, and have distinguished themselves as outstanding members of their community through individual excellence and high levels of achievement.  Past recipients have included women honored for excellence in the areas of business, education, government, communications, health care, sports, volunteer services, multicultural activities, and Girl Scouting.  To the Girl Scouts organization, Women of Distinction are ideal role models for Girl Scouts around the world; showing them that with hard work and perseverance, anything can be accomplished.

We at Leland Management are extremely pleased that Rebecca was nominated for this award, as Rebecca exhibits the qualities sought after by a “Woman of Distinction” on a daily basis.  Rebecca excels in business, starting Leland Management over 15 years ago, growing it to over 350 employees that serve more than 100,000 homeowners throughout Florida.  She is a pioneer in her profession, actively involved in professional development, professional organizations, continuing education, and has held offices in regional and state associations.  She is dedicated to the community, giving generously to many deserving causes.  She is especially dedicated to raising awareness for many charitable causes in our community such as Restore Orlando, Page 15 and Nathaniel’s Hope.  Every year she sponsors and supports these organizations (among others) and empowers the Leland team to support these worthwhile causes as well.   Additionally, Rebecca always finds time to listen and offer support, guidance, and mentorship to all of those in need of assistance.

Leland Management is extremely pleased that Rebecca has been nominated for this award; please join us in offering her congratulations and wishing her good luck in the final selection process on at the Citrus Gala on Saturday.

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