Community Watch Honors Sheriff

This article first appeared on November 26, 2012 in The Villages Daily Sun


Written by: Mary Chartier

On a beautiful, sunny morning, Spruce Creek Golf and Country Club Community Watch volunteers and guests gathered to work through a very busy agenda that included honoring Marion County Sheriff Ed Dean who will be leaving the sheriff’s office on January 7.

Special guests present for this occasion were general manager Sean Casey, HOA president Judy Amato, Lt. Dennis McFatten and Lt. Kevin Rowe.

After the business of the day was completed, Lt. McFatten came to the microphone to make a few remarks about Sheriff Dean’s dedication to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department.

“He has set the Marion County Sheriff’s Department to a level; the bar is set so high, we all know that it will be very hard, if ever, we will be able to reach those heights again.  He has left us in really good shape,” McFatten said.

At the conclusion of Lt. McFatten’s remarks, Community Watch president Joe Favata asked Sean and Judy to join him and Lt. McFatten at the front of the ballroom and then said, “Sheriff Dean, could you come join us”.

Joe presented Sheriff Dean with a beautiful clock as he said, “In appreciation we want to wish you health and happiness in your retirement”.

Joe then took a few moments to read the inscription on the clock: “Your leadership, strong support and encouragement was instrumental in helping us establish a successful Community Watch Program and for keeping our community safe at Del Webb Spruce Creek Golf and Country Club”.

“The Homeowners Association, Leland Management and Community Watch thank you for your dedicated service and lasting friendship”.

Joe turned the microphone over to Sheriff Dean, who immediately said, “What a beautiful, beautiful clock”.

Looking down at his new clock and smiling, Sheriff Dean said, “I am sure my wife would say; now I can get you up even earlier.”

Sheriff Dean brought everyone’s attention to Lt. Rowe and Lt. McFatten, also of the Marion County Sheriff’s office, saying, “I would like to recognize them because they are both stellar performers”.

On a personal note Sheriff Dean told everyone, “I’ve known Lt. McFatten since he was sixteen.  He played football with my son in high school so I’ve watched him all these years”.

“He’s always been the same kind of person that you know today.  You have an excellent, excellent district commander in that way,” Sheriff Dean continued.

The sheriff took a few moments to address the state of the sheriff’s department stressing the importance of integrity and that the department’s core values apply to everyone.

“We are a value centered organization.  One thing I can promise you is that I will get down to the bottom of every issue before I walk out that door on January 7th,” he said.

Sheriff Dean then spent a few moments talking about his future plans.

“I’m excited about the future.  I don’t know exactly what God has for me after January 7th.  I really don’t.  I don’t have any big plans but will trust in the Lord for that as well”.

Sheriff Dean concluded his remarks, saying, “Thanks so much for allowing me to serve you.  The credit for anything that has been accomplished goes to the great people who serve you at the sheriff’s office.  Thank you and God bless you”.

Before he left, I spoke a few moments with Sheriff Dean and his lovely wife, Sarah.

“What does your wife think about you retiring?” I asked Sheriff Dean. “My wife says you can do anything you want as long as you are out of the house by 7am,” he answered with a smile.

Sheriff Dean then shared a few words about our community.

“Del Webb Spruce Creek is a wonderful, wonderful community and what a safe community it is.  You are so active in terms of the protection of each other and serving each other through your crime watch program.  I’m delighted to be here and proud of what has been accomplished here”.

I asked Sarah how she felt about her husband retiring.

“People ask me tha,t and he is not retiring, he is just not running for re-election,” Sarah replied.

“We have no idea what he is going to do January 7th  but I know that whatever he decides to do, it will be for the benefit of his community, the benefit of his family, and the benefit of whatever comes his way,” said Sarah.

Club activities and events are for Spruce Creek Golf and Country Club residents.

Mary Chartier is a resident of Spruce Creek Golf and Country Club. 

Picture taken by: Mary Chartier

Sheriff Ed Dean holds his beautiful award with from left HOA president Judy Amato, Community Watch President Joe Favata, Lt. Dennis McFatten and General Manager Sean Casey as they take a moment for pictures.

Stonecrest Gets Crafty

By Chris Olney



Stonecrest Gets Crafty

Grand kids visiting Stonecrest during the month of July got the opportunity to enroll in the community’s first annual Kid Craft classes, designed for ages 4 through 8th grade level. Qualified instructors from The Artist Hub of Ocala conducted classes in the Stonecrest Crest Club craft room, where kids were invited to create fun works of art. Of the many classes offered by the arts and crafts school, the following were selected for this year’s event. Picture Frames Designed with Glass Mosaics, Reverse Glass Painting, Ceramic Painting, Cartoon Watercolors, Polymer Clay Art, and Create a Van Gogh with Watercolors.