The Lakes of Mt. Dora Get Prepared

Contributed by Cyd Busko, CAM, Leland Management

Is your community prepared for any emergency?  If you are in the Lakes of Mount Dora you are. Thanks to the Lakes of Mount Dora  Emergency Preparedness Team.   The team is comprised of approximately forty dedicated residents with various specialties that come together to train and prepare for a multitude of emergency situations.

Since the group began in May of 2011,  they have had many accomplishments including: developing and implementing Emergency Preparedness section to the community website (linking residents to the local, county, state and national emergency websites), raising funds for essential emergency supplies and participating in a national Formidable Footprint Hurricane exercise during an actual Hurricane.

Additionally the team has received many accolades including being presented with the National Weather Service Skywarn Spotter cards, and  being presented with a Certificate for becoming a Neighborhood Preparedness Community by the Lake County Board of Commissioners.

This committee is  Co-Chaired by Gloria Goldfaden and Leland CAM Cyd Busko.  Thanks to their dedication, drive and leadership and the talent and dedication of the volunteers, the residents of The Lakes of Mount Dora can feel safer knowing they are prepared for virtually any emergency situation.

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