Family Fun Part 7- Don’t Forget the Family Pet

When considering summer entertainment for your children that won’t break the bank, don’t forget to look to your family pet(s).  Often during the school year, time is limited and your children do not get to spend much quality time with their furry friends. Enlist your children in planning a “Pet Day”  and creating a fun and entertaining day for kids and furry friends alike.  If you have a dog, visit a new dog park and play some Frisbee or create a dog wash day for you and your neighbor pets.  Don’t forget that  you can always take them for a walk around your neighborhood or on a dog friendly beach.  This allows you and your children to bond with each other as well as your dog.  If you have a cat, a rabbit, a hamster, or anything else of that nature have fun creating new pet habitats for them.  Don’t forget that pets need fun too, take them out and give them a good pet once in a while, it will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Florida’s Animal Residents: Alligators

Florida’s Animal Residents: Alligators
With over 1.25 million alligators swimming through Floridian waters, it is no surprise that we often have some unexpected run-ins with Florida’s state reptile. From the pool at Riviera Bella in Debary to the pavilion at Keene’s Pointe in Windermere, alligators are making their presence known in our local communities. With laying season, late June to early July, in full swing it is important to heed some safety tips from the fish and wildlife commission. Remember to never feed alligators; this causes them to lose their fear of humans and become more aggressive. Keep children and small pets away from unsafe bodies of water and if you find a nest do not approach it. Mature alligators are very protective and territorial and may attack if they feel their nest is being threatened. If there is an alligator in your community that you feel may be a nuisance, please call 1-866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286) to have your local fish and wildlife conservation remove the alligator or call your community association manager for assistance.

Free Family Fun-Part 6 Check out your local Library

Free Family Fun-Part 6
Check out your local library for fun and entertainment over the summer. By making regular visits to the library you will encourage your children to read rather than play video games or watch television. All Orange County Public Libraries offer weekly children’s Story Time for children 5 and under. Additionally, they offer Kid’s Connect programs for children six and up. These programs are designed to entertain children while introducing them to the joy of reading. For more information on the Orange County Public Library Programs, please visit

Family Fun Part 5

Still in need of fun family activities for the summer, how about going to the movies.  Many theater companies offer a summer movie series that is free of charge.  In the Orlando area, check out Regal Cinemas which shows movies every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 am starting June 9th and ending August 5th.  There are four Regal Theaters that participate:  The Loop Stadium 16, Waterford Lakes Stadium 20, Oviedo Stadium 22, and Winter Park Stadium 20.

This is a great way to entertain your children while enjoying  a nice 2 hour period out of the heat. Check back for part 6 of our Family Fun Series, The Library.

Leland Management Wins the 2013 Best Places to Work Award

bestplacestowork20134c600Leland Management was recently named a the winner of the large company category of the Orlando Business Journal’s Best Places to work awards.  Leland has been a finalist in this contest for the past two years and this year will featured as one of the winners in the Best Places to work edition of the Journal.

To see more from the Orlando Business Journal click on the link below


Free Family Fun, Lake Eola

Perhaps the most well know park in the heart of Orlando, Lake Eola offers some great opportunities for family fun.  There’s always something to do at Lake Eola,  you can go bird watching, ride your bikes around the walkway, feed the swans,  or just take a stroll with your family down the shoreline. Bring a picnic lunch, or eat at one of the great local restaurants and spend the entire day there.  If you are looking for something specific to do there, Fireworks Over the Fountain, is a great idea. It’s a festival on July 4th (starting at 4 pm) with entertainment,  food and fun.  Get together with your friends and neighbors and enjoy a great community celebration.

For more information on Lake Eola, you can visit

Part 3 of Free Family Fun- The Beach

If you are looking for a nice day trip the whole family can enjoy, think Lori Wilson Park at  Cocoa Beach.  For just a fifty minute drive, your family will have hours of fun.  The children can play in the sand, swim, or go body-boarding while you can be lounging on a chair reading a book.  Best of all the cost is free; the only money you’ll be spending is on sunscreen.

In part four of our series on free family fun in the summertime  We will go back to the air conditioning and talk about the free movies that are offered over the summer.

Family Fun Part 2, Enjoy Your Community Museum

If you are looking to get your kids out of the sun and the community pool isn’t enough to keep your children busy you can always take them to a museum. Museums are a great way to spend a day as a family learning about art or music or anything that interests your children.  A few museums that are off the, “Beaten Path” and may interest you are: the Fort Christmas Historical Park in Christmas Florida, the Museum of the Apopkans’ in Apopka, and the Crealde Art Museum. Museums are also a good way for you to save money because many of them are low cost or free.

The biggest bonus; Museums provide an all-day adventure in the air conditioning and out of that hot Florida sun.

In the part three of my series of articles, Free Family Fun, I’ll be talking about taking a trip to the beach!