Florida’s Animal Residents: Alligators

Florida’s Animal Residents: Alligators
With over 1.25 million alligators swimming through Floridian waters, it is no surprise that we often have some unexpected run-ins with Florida’s state reptile. From the pool at Riviera Bella in Debary to the pavilion at Keene’s Pointe in Windermere, alligators are making their presence known in our local communities. With laying season, late June to early July, in full swing it is important to heed some safety tips from the fish and wildlife commission. Remember to never feed alligators; this causes them to lose their fear of humans and become more aggressive. Keep children and small pets away from unsafe bodies of water and if you find a nest do not approach it. Mature alligators are very protective and territorial and may attack if they feel their nest is being threatened. If there is an alligator in your community that you feel may be a nuisance, please call 1-866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286) to have your local fish and wildlife conservation remove the alligator or call your community association manager for assistance.

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