The Florida Sandhill Crane

We have been fortunate the last few months to receive many pictures of beautiful Sandhill Cranes (and their adorable babies) from around the communities we manage.  These magnificent birds have become an unofficial resident of almost every community in central Florida, and even though they can be bothersome at times (causing complaints about walking out into the roadway regardless of traffic) they are a large part of central Florida living.  Generally these well loved birds are found everywhere in the community,  in your backyard,the playground,  crossing the street, or at a local golf course.
The Florida Sandhill Crane, scientifically known as Grus Canadensis Pratensis, is a charcoal gray color throughout their life except during breeding when there feathers become worn down and are seen as an ochre color. The average adult male weighs 10.1 lbs and the average adult female weighs 8.9 lbs. Although there large height (80 to 120 cm) may not lead you to believe it, the large wingspan of the crane (5.4 to 6.9 feet) allows them to soar on high altitude winds for long periods of time with just the occasional flap of the wings. Sandhill Cranes use loud trumpeting calls, often compared to a French rolling r, to communicate with each other. Unfortunately almost every species of this magnificent bird, including our very own Florida Sandhill Crane, are on the endangered species watch list due to the birds being to comfortable around humans. 
These birds are magnificent and awe-inspiring in many ways…they truly are a Florida treasure.  

Florida Sandhill Crane

Florida Sandhill Crane

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