Stonecrest Kid’s Camp 2013 a Huge Success

By: Michelle Williams, Activities Director, StonecrestImage

T-shirts donated by Armstrong Homes

Stonecrest’s Kid Camp tshirt2013 was a success. Fifty children whom ranged in age from four to seventeen participated in the weeklong event packed with fun-filled activities that took place from July 22nd– July 26th.   This camp was designed to provide fun activities as well as an opportunity for the children to bond with their grandparent(s).   Both goals were met, the children had a blast and created memories that will last a lifetime.

“It was a great opportunity to share with your grandkids the Disneyland we get to play in every day.” stated Dianna Smith, co-organizer of the event. Dianna worked closely with Activity Director, Michelle Williams,  working together to gain the support and excitement of the Stonecrest community.

Sixteen different events were offered over the course of the week including  t-shirt decoration, basketball, golf, tennis, Rumikub, line dancing, theater, pickle ball, bean bag games, painting, capture the flag, cookie contest, a tour of the sewer treatment facility, shuffleboard, tennis and card crafting. Armstrong Homes was a camp sponsor and provided camp participants  Kid Camp 2013 t-shirts.

Over fifty resident volunteers dedicated their time to help make the camp run smoothly and be a success. Each event holder had the freedom to turn each event into their own. Many offered the children with a prize or certificate upon completion of that particular event. For example, the top three winners in the cookie contest  received aprons and pot holders,  and children who participated in line dancing received a CD of the songs they danced to.  The computer club also did an outstanding job,  taking photos of all participants throughout the week and providing each child with a dvd and cd at the end of the week.  Theater was also a big hit with the children. They learned the fundamentals of acting and each had a part in the play, “Mice in the Cabin” that was put on for the grandparents, parents and all volunteers at the end of camp celebration held on Saturday.

The end of camp celebration was a collaboration of teamwork by everyone involved in the week. The softball club grilled hot dogs and provided drinks, all grandparents or guardians were assigned a dish to bring and a spot on the set-up or tear-down event list. Six clowns provided entertainment by working the room and face painting. A DJ provided music as the children proudly showed off their newly learned line dancing skills and other event holders passed out certificates to the children.Stonecrest Kids Camp

Stonecrest’s Kid Camp 2013 was a huge success that would not have been possible without the outpouring of volunteers who gave up their free time to make a child’s week and provide them memories that none is soon to forget. There are already plans in place for Kid Camp 2014 which promises new activities and excitement to come!    Image

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