Giving Back to Your Home Owner’s Association- Organize a Social Event

D. Braswell, Media Coordinator, Leland Management

Organize a Social Event

Volunteer to Help Your Community

As I was driving out of my community this morning, I noticed a sign posted at the entrance that said, Volunteers Needed ASAP, Community Fall Festival  may be canceled.  A few weeks ago we touched on the benefits of volunteering for your Homeowners Association by serving on the Board of Directors. Today it occurred to me to touch on the fact that while serving on the Board is an extremely important job, there are other ways in which one can help out the community.    People often complain that their community  offers minimal social opportunities to get to know your neighbors.   Perhaps, this is due to the lack of volunteers to organize these events. It is the old adage that you get out what you put in.  If you are a social person  who loves to organize parties, why not use your skills to get the community together and organize a   Community BBQ or Festival.   By organizing an event for the community you will help foster community spirit, promote goodwill among your neighbors, and get to know the people who share your HOA.    Your work will certainly be repaid when you see the smiling face of your new friends and neighbors.  If you are interested in helping out your community and volunteering for your community association, contact your HOA Board of Directors or the HOA Management Company.

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