Become an Active Member of you Community Association- Volunteer

In past posts we have discussed  different ways you can support your Community Association (HOA or Condominium) by volunteering in the community.  Would you like to become  a more active member of your community association but do not have the time to serve on the Board of Directors?  In our next three posts we will provide you with some interesting ways to help out.

Volunteer for your Association by Organizing or Offering Holiday Help 

Holiday Help in your community association

The majority of Condominium and Home Owners Associations have restrictions on the length of time holiday décor is permitted to be displayed. No one likes the neighbor who still has Frosty and his crew in the front yard in March and the Board of Directors does not like having to enforce covenant violations.

One way to volunteer for your association, that benefits the community as a whole, is to engage in “holiday help”. Holiday help can be interpreted in many different ways and should be embraced in the form most applicable to your community. This may be a literal interpretation where you organize a weekend in which residents help each other put up or take down holiday decorations; or a loose interpretation where a few residents may have extra decorations and choose to donate those items to a family in the neighborhood who may not otherwise have them.

However your association chooses to implement holiday help, this voluntary act of service strengthens neighborhood bonds and adds value to your community.





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