Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Did you know 15% of pet owners have had a neighbor complain about their fluffy friends? Here at Leland Management we receive consistent complaints about neighborhood dogs from residents. Ranging from barking to bathroom choices, we have heard them all with one resident distributing flyers throughout his community and another starting a petition.  While it’s true some owners might be inconsiderate and not care how the noise affects others, most are simply not aware of the barking or that their neighbors are annoyed. Hurt feelings, anger and frustration — on both sides — make for a very stressful situation. Here are a few tips that we have found are helpful for both parties.

  1. A common trigger for consistent barking is boredom. Before you leave the house plan a walk or play session with your dog to stimulate his attention.
  2. Leave treat filled toys around the house that present a challenge for your dog. The time and energy spent with the toys will distract him/her from any outside stimulus.
  3. Buy an anti-barking collar. This may seem harsh for an act that comes naturally to dogs but there are non-pain collars that produce desired results by emitting a vibration when he/she barks.
  4. Finally, take an olive branch to your neighbor and explain that you are working on the problem and would appreciate his or her feedback. Your neighbor can be a great help in solving the problem, since he or she is home during the day and might be able to help you identify when your dog is barking. Ask your neighbor to keep a log ofdog-barking when and how long your dog is barking, and if he noticed anything that might have triggered the barking in the first place. This might be the detective work you need to get to the bottom of the barking, as well as a way for your neighbor to be part of the solution.

Leland and your community association manager are not able to step-in in this area. If you feel the complaint needs to be addressed by someone other than your neighbors the best thing to do is call city hall.

For more information about ways to curb consistent barking visit

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