Stonecrest’s First 5K

By: Michelle Williams

Stonecrest’s first 5k fun walk/jog was a success!  Fifty-nine residents hit the pavement20140320_085751 Thursday morning after the playing of the National Anthem and shotgun start under an archway of green and gold balloons. Residents have been training for the 3.1 mile stretch for six weeks every Thursday morning leading up to the race. Lake Center for Rehab partnered with Activity Director, Michelle Williams, to put on the event. The entry fee was $5 with part of that registration fee being donated to the Wounded Warriors. Chalk road markers were drawn along the course pointing residents in the right direction, providing encouraging words, and marking each half-mile. A water station manned by volunteers was set up at the half-way point and fellow resident onlookers cheered as participants past by their homes. The first resident to finish was Daryl “Chief” Xavier with an impressive 27 minute time. Prizes are being awarded to participants for several achievements including fastest and slowest. Residents were welcomed by rounds of applause as they crossed the finish line as well as music played by a local dj, refreshments and participation medals. Resident volunteers, Lake Center for Rehab and the Activities Director all came together to make this event a great one. Stonecrest is already looking forward to the next 5k event!

Meet the Team: Richard Murphy

In this segment of Meet the Team we would like to introduce you to Leland team member Richard Murphy.

Richard Murphy was born in Valley Stream, NY in 1950. He graduated from Valley Stream Central High School in 1968 and went on to earn his B.S. in English from Western Kentucky University and his M.A. in English from the University of Kentucky. Richard spent 22 years in the hospitality industry serving as general manager in several large chains, including the BestWestern and Ramada Inn, before moving to Florida with then girlfriend Virginia McCormick and her son CJ. Richard received his CAM license in 1996 and joined the Leland Management team on July 6th, 2000. He remembers Leland’s early days and shares stories of the company’s growth from 40 to 400 accounts.


Richard and Virginia married April 9th, 2005 and currently have residences in Orlando and Cocoa Beach. Their son CJ joined the Navy in 2001, and Richard says his proudest moment was watching CJ graduate from the Search & Rescue Institute of the United States Navy in San Diego, CA. Richard looks forward to retirement and moving to his Cocoa Beach residence full-time and purchasing a home on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii for extended vacations. In his free time, Richard likes going to dinner with Virginia, working out with his personal trainer, and hanging out with his dog Miles. He says his favorite part of Leland is the working environment and says he has always felt welcome and included.

We look forward to continuing to share our team member’s stories with you. Please check back next week for our next installment of Meet the Team.

Meet the Team: Marta Arango

In the first segment of our Meet the Team campaign we would like to introduce you to Marta Arango.

Marta Arango was born in Havana, Cuba and migrated to the United States in 1960 with her family. She graduated from high school in bustling New York City and shortly thereafter was married. She gave birth to her daughter Janet at the age of 20 and her son Joel at the age of 23. In 1971, Marta and her family moved to Florida after the grand opening of Disney World. Before joining the Leland team in October of 2005, she spent 15 years in the banking industry and another 15 years in accounts payable at a major automobile dealership.



Today Marta is the proud grandmother of 3 beautiful grandchildren and 1 great- grandchild. She lives with her cat Bernadette and her Shitzu Maggie. She loves sweets, crafting, and high heels. Always creative, Marta spends her leisure time creating festive decorations and hopes to one day have her own crafting business. When asked what her strongest contribution to the Leland team is she cited the quality of her work and takes pride in her attention to detail. Jessica Barton, Manager of Assessments & Billing, says “Marta is a great asset to the Leland Team, she is willing to assist with all sorts of tasks even outside of her own responsibilities. Her work is always free and clear of errors because she is so diligent and ensures the accuracy of each task.” Marta says being named Leland Super Star of the month in May 2010 is one of her fondest memories in her tenure with the company.

We look forward to sharing our team member’s stories with you. Please check back next week for the next installment of Meet the Team.

Stay Safe – Slow Down: Speeding in Residential Communities

With so many precious residents, ranging from children and the elderly to beloved pets, it


is no surprise that one of the most frequent complaints received by the Transportation Department is speeding on residential streets. There are a number of reasons why speeding occurs in residential areas including: lack of education, unawareness, auto-pilot driving, and blatant disregard. Speeding is not viewed as a serious offense in our society and many of our neighbors aren’t educated on the dangers of speeding. Distributing a friendly reminder with some statistics may prove effective in your neighborhood. For example, when hit by a vehicle traveling at 20 mph 9 out of 10 pedestrians will survive, at 30 mph only 5 of the 10 will survive, and at 40 mph only 1 of the 10 pedestrians will survive. A lack of signage may also lend itself to high speeds. Discuss posting signs throughout the community to remind drivers what the speed limit is and trigger awareness in your neighborhood. Another potential cause of speeding in the community is what social psychologists call the “auto-pilot” effect. The streets in our communities are familiar, comfortable path ways home and drivers often switch into an auto-pilot mindset and forget to monitor their speed in neighborhoods.  Often speed limit violators are unaware they are doing so. Your community may discuss urging the local public works department to install radar signs that show drivers how fast they are going and how to adjust their speed.

If these tactics are ineffective you may have to take a firmer stance on speeding and install traffic calming devices such as speed bumps, rotaries, raised crosswalks, or bike lanes. Your Board of Directors and Leland Management take the safety of our residents seriously and encourage you to speak up if you see a potentially dangerous situation in your community.

For more ways to prevent speeding in your community visit