Meet the Team: Angela Middleton

Angela Middleton, daughter of a military family, was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1966. AngieAfterwards her father was transferred Georgia where she lived until moving to Casselberry, Florida where she grew up and went to school.  Accounting has always been a passion in her life. She began her accounting career as a teenager when she worked as a bookkeeper for one of the major furniture stores in the area. She then moved on to work for a CPA, and later went to managing Contractor Associations. As a young adult she went into business with her mother. Together they sold and taught decorative art at their store locations in Kissimmee and Casselberry. This eventually led Angie to start teaching decorative art at the national level. She has published 3 “How to Books”, collaborated on 3 others and was featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. After her mother’s health failed they closed the stores and she went back to her career in accounting.  She is married with 4 children and has one grandchild.   Both she and her husband are very involved with raising funds for various charities and non-profit organizations and in 2012 coordinated an Annual Book Drive for the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches.

Angie has been with Leland for over 11 years and says Leland is just an extension of her own family.

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