SummerGlen Gets a Horse

This article originally appeared in the South Marion Citizen Newspaper on May 18th, 2014.

<div class="source"></div><div class="image-desc">The new painted horse at SummerGlen.</div><div class="buy-pic"></div>

A new painted horse was unveiled on Derby Day at SummerGlen. Last fall the Gourmet Club decided to do something nice for their fellow residents and it was decided that the gift would be in the form of one of the Ocala Painted horses to be placed on the grassy lawn in front of the Residents Hall and Pool.

Karla Marsh aptly did the research and made all of the arrangements to have the horse shipped from Chicago where it was manufactured. She was the “go to person” for anything that needed to be done (other then the painting) including getting the finished piece hauled to a local body shop for clear coating protection from the weather and supervising the mounting on the concrete plinth.

The horse arrived in early March, six feet three inches tall, sparkling white and made of fiberglass. He had to be mounted on a temporary platform and was then moved to a private location for his transformation. The group of SummerGlen artists, Pat Ford, Bob and Helen Jewell, De Stosnowski, Helen Pagano and Betty Guyer began work by sanding and giving him a double coat of pink primer. Then they layered on the many coats of paint it took to transform him. His final coat consisted of gold hand-designed abstract filigree work, on top of his handsome deep toned finish.

He was presented to the community by Gourmet Club President, Dahrie Hayman on a rainy May 5 at 4 p.m. as part of the Derby Day Celebration that takes place annually in SummerGlen. The community’s public buildings were all modeled after Churchill Downs. The day finished with a Derby Day Banquet complete with food, fancy hats and viewing the Kentucky Derby run for the roses.


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