Summer Series – Bicycle Safety

School is out and summer days are here.  With that in mind, kids everywhere are jumpingkids-on-bicycles on their bikes to go from place to place. While overall this is a good thing, more exercise for your kids, it is important that everyone follows the safety guidelines for biking in your area.

When you are riding your bike, dressing “fashionable” is not as important as dressing practically. Wear clothes that are neon or bright colored, this will allow drivers to spot you from a further distance. One should wear close toed shoes and stay away from flip flops, sandals, and any other form of open toed shoe as wearing them could hurt your feet. Tying up long hair and keeping things like scarves off the bike will help prevent things from getting stuck in your chain and ruining your bike ride.

Always make sure you plan your route before leaving the house so someone knows where you are going. You should also avoid areas of high traffic, and find bike-friendly streets or trails. It is also important to be audible towards pedestrians and runners so that you do not startle them. Using hand signals is a good way to prevent an accident, as it lets the driver behind you know what you are planning to do. Finally, children should always let someone know where they are going and check in once they get there.

Biking is a fun way to exercise as well as an efficient and eco-friendly means of getting from place to place. By being safe and following the rules you can make it an even more enjoyable experience for you and your entire family.

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