The New Community Outreach Program: Social Media

From 2009 to 2014 the number of users on social media increased 238% and now reaches dfgover 2 billion people worldwide. Statistically, every 1 in 9 of the residents in your community not only has a social media site but accesses it on a daily basis. Utilizing this medium of communication can be a powerful tool for your association. Offering a forum for free mass-communication and a platform to increase resident participation and strengthen community ties, social media can be one of your association’s greatest assets if it is embraced and utilized in a professional, positive manner. Examples of how a social media page can be used are: notifications of board meetings, reminders of assessment due dates, posting governing documents, sharing community event headlines, and spotlighting successes. This type of open communication between CAMs, Board members and residents creates a level of transparency and bolsters a trusting, positive relationship amongst all parties involved with your association. When considering engaging in social media, your association should discuss the parameters they would like to follow and adopt a social media policy beforehand.

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