Hot or Not: Fire Prevention Tips

In the Community Association Management industry the safety of residents is at the pinnacle of importance. Community Managers go to great lengths to develop emergency preparedness and disaster relief fire-preventionstrategies that will prove effective in the event of a crisis. However, these strategies often prove difficult to implement if the residents are not educated about their necessity. One of the most common dangers in HOAs and Condominiums is a house fire. With more than 3,400 deaths and 17,500 injuries annually in the nation, knowing how to prevent a fire is a vital key in any emergency prevention strategy.  The easiest prevention method is maintenance. Check smoke alarms at least once a month, change its batteries once a year, keep it free of dust, and make sure there is one on every floor and in bedroom. Also make sure to plan your escape route for family and pets. Knowing and practicing this route twice a year will help ease panic in the case of a real fire. As always, hallways and stairs should be kept free from clutter to reduce the likelihood of tripping or falling. Lastly, keep all important documents such as insurance policies, pass ports, and social security cards in a fire safe box.

The most common causes of house fires are heaters, candles, and cigarettes that are left unattended. Use of cracked or fried electrical cords are a serious hazard and can also lead to a fire. Keeping children away from matches and lighters is also an important prevention tip for HOAs and Condos.

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