GUARD-GATENow that the front gates will remain closed throughout the entire day, 7 days a week, what does this mean?

This means that the gates will be programmed to stay closed all of the time, allowing only residents and authorized guests to enter our community. Please make sure you keep your private code with you at all times.

How do my guests enter the community? Guests will pull up to the keypad at the front gate and search the directory for your name. They will see a number (not your phone number) on the display and enter it on the keypad. The gate computer will dial the landline home number you have provided to Leland Management and connect you to the guest through a speaker phone at the gate. Press “9” on your touch tone phone to allow the guest to enter. If you do not wish to allow access, just hang up. If you don’t have your name set up and you have a local number, fill out the enclosed gate form to apply for one.

How can outside vendors get in if I’m not home to allow access? The vendors must enter the 4 digit vendor code 2897. Please note that the vendor code will be changed periodically but you will be notified well in advance before the change.

My house is up on the market for sale. What code should I give so that realtors can show the property? Please email Leland Management at for a code to provide to the realtor. Please note this code will be linked to your property so it is important that it is given only to reputable realtors who are active on your property.

What about delivery vendors such as Fed Ex, the US Postal Service, DHL, etc. They must use the vendor code 2897. Leland sends out notification letters but the information does not always get communicated internally to the drivers. It sometimes takes a few weeks to transition with all of the drivers of various vendors. If you are expecting a delivery, please help to communicate that you live in a gated community and provide the vendor code.

What about my lawn service?

If you have any private home services (i.e., lawn, pest control, pool service, water delivery, etc.) that will require entry to our community and you will not be home to give access, please provide them with the vendor code 2897.

What about the pizza delivery, etc. Vendors such as this should call you using the directory at the front entrance.

Can emergency vehicles get in?

Yes, they have been given special gate access codes to use. In addition, the gate will open when it senses their emergency lights or their yelping sirens directly in front of the reader (not just passing by).

Are there any times when the gates will stay open?

You may see the gates stay open during or shortly after a power failure. The gates have a small battery designed to open them and leave them open until power has been reliably restored. This is done to prevent you from being locked in or locked out during a power failure.

How do I enter my personal gate code?

Just press the 4 digits you chose into the keypad, nothing before or after and the gate will open automatically. Please note that the keypad has a slow processor and you need to push the buttons slowly. If you don’t have a personal code, fill out the enclosed gate form to apply for one.

What if there is a problem with the gate?

If there is an accident or injuries regarding the front gate, please first call 911 immediately. Otherwise, contact Leland Management’s gate department.

Have more unanswered questions about the gate? Contact or call (407)781-1169.

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