Meet the Team: Kim Twiss

AlthouKim Twissgh Kim Twiss was born in Virginia she considers the cotton state her home. Growing up in Alabama Kim was an avid sports fan and played softball, ran track, and was on the cheerleading squad at her high school. After graduating from Glencoe High in 1978 she applied to Auburn University where she was accepted and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. To fund her education Kim worked as a lifeguard throughout college.  Going to work immediately upon graduation she used her degree to become a successful reporter in various distribution channels including: radio, television, and newspaper print. In 1985 Kim gave birth to her daughter Kalli who is now 28 and graduated from the University of Florida with a Master’s degree in food and economic resource. To be close to family, Kim and Kalli moved to Citrus County in the early 90s and Kim went to work with her parents who owned Century21 property Management Company. Here she started managing rental properties and earned her CAM license in 1994. In May of 2008 Kim joined the Leland Management team in the Ocala Division.

When she is not in the office Kim is either attending a college football game or taking photos. A talented and accomplished amateur photographer Kim has photographed countless events and even shot the photographs used to decorate Leland’s Citrus office. She is also a huge animal lover and works closely with the local Humane Society to raise awareness and encourage adoptions in the area.

We are proud to have Kim as a valued member of our team and hope you enjoyed this installment of our Meet the Team series.

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