The Return of the Snowbirds: Q & A with Leland CAMs

  1. What kind of issues can arise with the return of the snowbirds and how do you handle these issues?

With the return of the winter months also come the snowbirds. This influx of residents within the community can put a strain on community resources, especially common areas and amenities. Community Association Managers should be conscientious of the increase in demand and make adjustments were needed. Whether the clubhouse needs to add an extra class to their fitness schedule or simply ensure the pool is stocked with extra towels; making these changes for your snowbird residents will help ensure their satisfaction with the association.

Precautions should be taken to ensure the administrative side of their transition is smooth. Management companies should create a streamlined process to ensure mailing address are updated and important documents are not being sent to their northern homes.  Communities can also expect to see an increase in architectural review applications and attendance at monthly board meetings. Of course, keeping in communication throughout the year via newsletters and brochures also helps to reduce the amount of issues snowbirds may encounter in their transition back to Florida.

  1. Are there any events held to welcome back the snowbirds? Describe what is done and any comments on these “Welcome Home” events.

Many of our communities host “snowbird socials” for their returning residents. These events range from BBQ luncheons to throwback movie nights but all feature food, fun and Florida sunshine. Other communities simply send out a welcome letter containing dates for social events within the community and any updates they should be aware of.


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