Meet the Furlows

Leland Management is well known as an industry leader in the community association management field. What is less known about Leland is that it has always been a family owned company. The Furlow family has owned Leland since 1997 growing it from humble beginnings into one of Florida’s premier community association management firms.furlow

Rebecca Furlow, President and CEO, began Leland Management with one employee and 8 communities. Under her leadership Leland has grown to be one of the most respected management firms in Florida, managing over 440 communities with 300+ employees and 17 offices throughout the state. This growth has primarily been driven by word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients who appreciate the high level of service provided by Leland. Rebecca has been driven by her mission to have Leland become the best management company in Florida. She has lead the company in achieving this goal by demonstrating hard work, dedication, a great attitude, a focus on continuing education, teamwork, honesty, leadership, and community involvement. Personally, Rebecca follows the same philosophy she set forth for Leland. “I have never wanted us to be the biggest management company. I have always wanted us to be the best management company and we believe our growth has resulted from this focus.” She is focused on being the best person professionally and personally that she can be (including her newest role as a grandmother to Landon her one year old grandson).

In 2005, due to the tremendous growth of the company, David Furlow, joined Leland as the Chief Operating Officer bringing with him 25 years of experience as a CPA and CFO of a large Florida corporation. David’s focus on sound management principles and accounting experience combined with Rebecca’s focus on customer service and team work make the perfect balance which continues to drive the growth of Leland today.

Throughout the years, Rebecca and David have always maintained the family ownership and atmosphere, welcoming and encouraging their children to become a part of the company. David and Rebecca’s three sons Colin, Travis and Daniel all have been or are currently involved with the company.

The oldest son Colin, a Licensed Community Association manager with a degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Santa Cruz, joined Leland in 2013.  Prior to joining Leland  Management, Colin was a Captain in the U.S. Army serving in Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops) under the Special Operations Command where he served three tours of duty in the Middle East including two in Iraq.

Middle son Travis is also a Licensed Community Association Manager who worked at Leland for several years as a community manager and in the assessment and gates departments. In 2012, Travis partnered with childhood friend to form Exclusive Construction and Maintenance. They recently expanded into the gate and access systems with the formation of Exclusive Gates and Access. His community management background has allowed him to understand the special requirements and challenges facing community associations and the day to day requirements for maintenance and managing access systems.

furlow2Daniel also recently joined Leland in 2013 as a Director of Finance. Daniel is a CPA with a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance from Florida State University. Out of college he joined the accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers and then the corporate finance department of a national public company. At Leland Daniel is responsible for the accounting department, internal control, systems and operational improvement.

Family involvement compliments Leland’s strong team of association managers, accountants and support staff and reinforces the values of a family owned company. “Being a family owned business has been very important to the success of our company. Although we are large enough to have all the resources of a national company, we are also able to maintain the flexibility and accountability of a family owned private company. We maintain a personal interest in the success of our communities and our staff. We are readily accessible should an issue arise or quick decision is needed. This is one of the areas that sets us apart from other management companies.”   Rebecca Furlow, President Leland Management

The family ties run strong at Leland and continue on throughout the extended “Leland Team”. All Leland employees are considered part of the Leland family and work together for the common goal of providing the highest levels of service to all of the communities we serve. “It is because of our strong sense of family that Leland is able to  succeed. We pull together when necessary to  support each other or get the job done.”

Meet the Team: Family Edition

For this family focused edition of our Meet the Team seriesimage3 we would like to introduce you to two members of the Leland Management team, Nicole and Greg. Nicole is the manager of first impressions here at Leland and Greg is an integral member of our gates department; however, their story goes far beyond a tale of two co-workers.

Nicole, born in Riverside, CA, moved to Orlando with her family at the tender age of four. She then attended St. Margaret Mary Catholic School in Winter Springs until the 8th grade and transferred to Winter Springs High School where she graduated in 2003. After high school she partnered with the Americare School of Nursing to become a Registered Medical Assistant. She then took her education to work for a Doctor’s office in Winter Park from 2007 to 2014. Here she became good friends with a fellow co-worker named Denise. One day in 2008, Denise’s son, Greg, came into the office to be treated for the flu and Nicole took care of him during his visit. It was then that Nicole and Greg first met each other. Greg was also a Central Florida native and attended Daytona Beach Community College where he graduated in 2002. He then started and ran his own flooring installation company from 2005 to 2011. It was in this time frame that Nicole and Greg started their relationship by going on a first date at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant in Winter Park. After two years of dating Greg proposed to Nicole during the Christmas season of 2010.

Their lives changed on April 25th, 2011 when their son Trenton was born. Trenton, who is now three, is an avid Disney and Ninja Turtles fan. Greg says Trenton loves his mother, chicken nuggets, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates (a children’s cartoon). This family of three enjoys going to Disney and the beach regularly. In the summers, they make their way to The Shores Resort in Daytona Beach for an annual family vacation.

Both Nicole and Greg joined the Leland team in the second quarter of 2014 allowing them to add work to the list of ways their lives are entwined. Nicole says her favorite part of being here at Leland is the way we invest in our employees personally through our Kid’s Day, Team Building and holiday events. Greg agrees that he enjoys those investments as well but more so appreciates the high level of community involvement Leland has with Nathaniel’s Hope, Making Strides against Breast Cancer, and other non-profit organizations.

We are proud to have Nicole and Greg as members of the Leland team and hope you enjoyed meeting one of our Leland Management families.

The Ten Best Holiday Traditions

We have scoured the internet to find the cutest holiday traditions for your family to enjoy and below are our top ten. Enjoy!

Make Elf

After the kids are in bed on Christmas Eve, leave a trail of elf prints from the fireplace or front door through the living room. To make them, cut two sponges in the shape of small shoeprints, then dip them in a plate of “elf dust” (flour, baby powder, carpet deodorizer). The prints always stop at the tray of cookies and milk left out for Santa and sometimes the elves are a bit naughty and play with the presents. Children love to figure out exactly what path the elves took.

Surprise Your Neighbors With Treats

To bring your community closer try doing a 12 days of secret surprises for a neighbor, bringing the appropriate number of goodies — one on the first day to twelve on the twelfth day. You can keep your identity a secret or choose to reveal yourself on any of the 12 days.

Start an Ornament Collection

Every Christmas buy an ornament to celebrate something that happened that year. For example, buy a wedding ornament noting the year you got married or for the year you graduated from college get one with a diploma. Your family will look forward to unwrapping the ornaments every year and remembering why you bought them.

Camp Out Under the Tree

Every Christmas have the family spend one night sleeping on the living room floor under the lighted tree, listening to holiday music.  Talking about Christmas and the previous year will be a tradition your family looks forward to each year.

Help the Needy

Teaching our children the true spirit of the Holidays and that there is more to life than getting a Sony Play Station is a great tradition. Consider limiting gifts to one per child and one gift to share with someone in need. Another option is to donate your time to a charity or soup kitchen.

Give a Christmas Eve Gift

Every Christmas Eve, when the doorbell rings, the children run to answer it. They know Santa has left them their first present. Inside a brightly colored sack is a pair of new pajamas for everyone. This idea serves two purposes. It’s easier to get the kids ready for bed because they can’t wait to wear their new pajamas! And we all look great in the pictures the next morning.

Relive the Year’s Memories

On New Year’s Eve have the family stay home and enjoy a buffet of hors d’oeuvres and sparkling cider. Then watch a video of your family’s past year. Each year start a new videotape.

See the Lights

In the middle of December go on a family sight-seeing trip to look at all the Christmas lights and decorations. It’s a wonderful thing, even for a six-month-old. What baby doesn’t like to look at lights? On the way home, vote on the best decorated house.

Put Out Snacks for Santa

Leave out cookies and milk for Santa, and a spoonful of sugar (or carrots) for the reindeer. Try making a big deal about this, counting the cookies, pointing out how full the glass of milk is, etc. While the kids sleep you can enjoy sipping the milk and eating the cookies, leaving a few with bite marks. The next day the kids will be amazed by the evidence that Santa was in your house.

Learn About Other Cultures

Take the family to the library and have each person pick out a story about Christmas, or holidays in other cultures. Then on Christmas Eve everyone reads (or has an adult read) their story, finishing up with the holiday your family celebrates.

Meet the Team: Josh Panagos

Joshua PanagosAfter several pre-emptive trips to the hospital Joe and Lisa Panagos decided to wait until they knew for sure that Lisa was ready to give birth before they returned. On the way to the hospital on January 26th, 1991 their son, Josh Panagos, was born at a Chevron gas station in Titusville, Florida. One of six children, Josh was homeschooled through the 8th grade and then attended and graduated from Titusville High School in 2009. After high school, Josh moved to Tennessee for a year to start up a Jet Ski rental company with his uncle. The company, Music City Water Sports, was taken over by his uncle full-time when Josh returned to Florida to attend college. Currently a senior studying Computer Science at the University of Central Florida, ranked second in the nation for Computer Science, Josh is set to graduate in summer 2015. Josh worked his way through college as a bartender at Applebee’s for two years before joining the Leland team in August 2014. As a member of our Information Technology department he is responsible for managing Leland’s document locator server and client, resolving general PC/Tops issues, and performing updates to our Citrix environment. Josh says his favorite aspect of Leland is the opportunity to work on various projects and learn a broad range of skills while in a positive working environment. When asked about future goals Josh says he would like to eventually build his own house, run a marathon and travel to Greece.

We are proud to have Josh on our team and hope you enjoyed this installment of our Meet the Team series.