Meet the Furlows

Leland Management is well known as an industry leader in the community association management field. What is less known about Leland is that it has always been a family owned company. The Furlow family has owned Leland since 1997 growing it from humble beginnings into one of Florida’s premier community association management firms.furlow

Rebecca Furlow, President and CEO, began Leland Management with one employee and 8 communities. Under her leadership Leland has grown to be one of the most respected management firms in Florida, managing over 440 communities with 300+ employees and 17 offices throughout the state. This growth has primarily been driven by word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients who appreciate the high level of service provided by Leland. Rebecca has been driven by her mission to have Leland become the best management company in Florida. She has lead the company in achieving this goal by demonstrating hard work, dedication, a great attitude, a focus on continuing education, teamwork, honesty, leadership, and community involvement. Personally, Rebecca follows the same philosophy she set forth for Leland. “I have never wanted us to be the biggest management company. I have always wanted us to be the best management company and we believe our growth has resulted from this focus.” She is focused on being the best person professionally and personally that she can be (including her newest role as a grandmother to Landon her one year old grandson).

In 2005, due to the tremendous growth of the company, David Furlow, joined Leland as the Chief Operating Officer bringing with him 25 years of experience as a CPA and CFO of a large Florida corporation. David’s focus on sound management principles and accounting experience combined with Rebecca’s focus on customer service and team work make the perfect balance which continues to drive the growth of Leland today.

Throughout the years, Rebecca and David have always maintained the family ownership and atmosphere, welcoming and encouraging their children to become a part of the company. David and Rebecca’s three sons Colin, Travis and Daniel all have been or are currently involved with the company.

The oldest son Colin, a Licensed Community Association manager with a degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Santa Cruz, joined Leland in 2013.  Prior to joining Leland  Management, Colin was a Captain in the U.S. Army serving in Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops) under the Special Operations Command where he served three tours of duty in the Middle East including two in Iraq.

Middle son Travis is also a Licensed Community Association Manager who worked at Leland for several years as a community manager and in the assessment and gates departments. In 2012, Travis partnered with childhood friend to form Exclusive Construction and Maintenance. They recently expanded into the gate and access systems with the formation of Exclusive Gates and Access. His community management background has allowed him to understand the special requirements and challenges facing community associations and the day to day requirements for maintenance and managing access systems.

furlow2Daniel also recently joined Leland in 2013 as a Director of Finance. Daniel is a CPA with a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance from Florida State University. Out of college he joined the accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers and then the corporate finance department of a national public company. At Leland Daniel is responsible for the accounting department, internal control, systems and operational improvement.

Family involvement compliments Leland’s strong team of association managers, accountants and support staff and reinforces the values of a family owned company. “Being a family owned business has been very important to the success of our company. Although we are large enough to have all the resources of a national company, we are also able to maintain the flexibility and accountability of a family owned private company. We maintain a personal interest in the success of our communities and our staff. We are readily accessible should an issue arise or quick decision is needed. This is one of the areas that sets us apart from other management companies.”   Rebecca Furlow, President Leland Management

The family ties run strong at Leland and continue on throughout the extended “Leland Team”. All Leland employees are considered part of the Leland family and work together for the common goal of providing the highest levels of service to all of the communities we serve. “It is because of our strong sense of family that Leland is able to  succeed. We pull together when necessary to  support each other or get the job done.”

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