The Reserve at Town Center: Achieving Resort Status

It is well known that Orlando, Florida is a popular vacation destination with a multitude ofTown Center resorts, but location alone does not determine the success of a resort.  In the minds of many, a “resort” is less about the location more about the setting. Resort status is achieved by being able to provide for the majority of the vacationers needs in a luxurious setting with the highest quality amenities.  To many, the Reserve at Town Center is just that resort.

Located in Davenport Florida, The Reserve at Town Center is an exclusive gated community of 94 homes that offers short term rentals to vacationers who are looking for a “Resort” like setting. Town Center fits the bill by offering pools at every home and gorgeous views of the surrounding preserve and landscaping.    As the website suggests, The Reserve at Town Center is the, “Perfect place to stay during your dream holiday”.  Leland Management, the Community Association Management Company, could not agree more.

Creating and maintaining a resort like status for a community is not an easy task, but by working together Leland and the Board of Directors of Town Center make it happen. Leland Management has focused their attention on enhancing the beauty of this lovely community and improving the rental and resale value of the homes. In addition to the daily management tasks of the community, Leland created a renewed focus on the concerns of the residents/owners such as: landscaping, lawn care, maintenance and trash removal. Another key element was vendor selection.   Leland Management and the Board of the Reserve at Town Center were able to select key vendors that share in the overall vision for the community.  “The success here at Town Center has been a group effort, not only by Leland and the Board of Directors but also vendors that have a vested interest in the community beyond that of job. Long term partnerships with our vendors have allowed us to build relationships that ensure the community is performing at the resort level”, says Sabrina Stephan, Community Manager.

As a result of all the hard work from the Board of Directors, the management company and the vendors, the community of Town Center is a wonderful place to vacation and live.   People are looking to buy and rent in the community because of how it looks and makes people feel.  The Reserve at Town Center is a Resort and it attracts people from all over the world to bask in the Florida sun, enjoy the exciting attractions and most of all relax in a beautiful setting.

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