Help Stop a Thief

Here are some tips to help stop a thief:

1. Never leave any valuables in your car. This includes purses, computers, wallets, jewelry, cell phones, briefcases, and backpacks.burglar-md

2. Never leave any containers, packages, bags, etc. in plain view in your car. Secure your automatic damage door opener.

3. Park your car in a well-lit area with high pedestrian activity.

4. Do not be seen using your interior trunk release button. Place all valuables in your trunk before reaching your destination.

5. Always lock your doors and keep your windows up while pumping gas. Many items have been stolen by persons walking by, reaching into the car, and then running away, all while people pump gas.

6. Do not leave a running car unattended.

Always be aware of your surroundings.

How to Spring into Spring

Modern psychology has shown that changes in weather correlate heavily with changes in attitude and happiness scores. While the winter season hosts a higher rate of depression, the increase in average spring-into-springtemperatures and longer days has earned Spring a reputation as the season of hope and starting fresh.

Perhaps this is why many choose to kick off the season with a spring cleaning. A fresh, clean house does as much for our outlook as a good therapy session. A 2014 survey showed that 78% of individuals who engaged in spring cleaning felt more organized, serene and optimistic about the year ahead. Yes, we know cleaning isn’t the glamorous tip you were hoping for but give it a shot, 78% is almost a “B” after all.

Relax….no, don’t take it like that. Our second tip is to find new ways to relax. Spring is a season flush with flowers, sunshine and relief from colder weather. Embrace the changes in weather and try gardening, hiking or any new way to get in touch with nature and relax.

If you can’t relax because you know Summer is coming and your beach body aspirations went out the door when hot chocolate came in; stop worrying. Spring’s temperate climate  and nearly twelve hour days are ideal for getting in some extra laps at the pool or going for a walk around the neighborhood.  Exercise also triggers the release of endorphins in the body that leave you ready to tackle our last tip, get ting involved.

Many local organizations and communities host events to bring people together, think Spring Fling. Get involved, meet your neighbors and integrate into your community this season.

Whatever Spring holds, spring into it.