Document Imaging and Going Paperless

In an ever-changing world filled with technological advances that give us access to information and resources at our fingertips, it has become increasingly important to keep up with the demands of becoming a more paperless society. To meet these demands, Leland Management has developed a document management system which allows us to scan and import association documents digitally to our main database. This not only keeps association records more secure, it also makes them quickly available when needed including the ability to access the records remotely.

How it Works

Our documents imaging department receives various documents from Accounting, Assessments & Billing and Mailroom on a daily basis. These documents are fed though two high-speed bulk scanners set to capture double-sided images.

The scanned documents are then saved in pdf format and stored in folders where they are electronically fed through a dedicated program which relies on optical character recognition, a process of electronic conversion of scanned text into machine-encoded/searchable text, to separate the pages into individual files.

The individual electronic files are then validated and imported into our main database, Document Locator, based on file type.

The original hard copies are then filed away and placed into storage securely.

How it Impacts your Community

Community Association Managers have immediate access to relevant files, such as vendor invoices and payments, lease agreements, deeds, gate access forms, mailing notices, homeowner info updates/ correspondence, and much more, via the use of their mobile devices. A repository of useful information at the touch of a keypad.

Our Accounting Managers, who provide accounting services, also benefit from the same immediate access allowing them to instantly track transactions made with check or online payments and overall community financial histories. Organized, reliable, and secure source for all of your community’s documents. Reduced costs associated with paper, ink and toner and overall improved customer service

An electronic record keeping system has proven to save community associations and their managers time, money and storage space.  In addition to these resource benefits comes the additional benefit of being environmentally friendly.

To learn more about the benefits of a paperless system please contact Diane Braswell at

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