Community Spotlight: Stonecrest & Converged Services Inc.

Stonecrest is an active adult community with 2200 homes nestled among the rolling hills of Summerfield, Florida in Marion County.

Chad Peck, the Property Manager along with the Board of Directors, have been evaluating the security and technology of the community for months. Their goal was to develop a safe and technologically connected way to satisfy the telecommunications needs and wants of ConvergedServices158x80this ever changing community.

The first challenge was to develop a more effective way of controlling access to parking facilities. The second challenge was to combine the various technology programs that are currently being utilized into one cohesive package that will grow with the community.

Challenge One:

Replacing the antiquated, unreliable barcode readers that control access to the parking facilities.

This system is complicated because it was maintained by two (2) separate companies. One controlled the barcodes and insertion readers and the other the visitor access system. Not only was it time consuming, but the two systems were not integrated.

Challenge Two:

This one was especially tricky because it involved the technology that is interwoven throughout the community. The Stonecrest staff had six (6) different systems that needed to be updated when new information was received. They were using TOPS management software for the official database, an Access Database for the unofficial database, Emerge for the barcodes, At Home Net for the Website, a visitor access system that was implemented by our Security Company and Office Tracker for the calendar software.

While attending the Leland Annual Team Building Meeting Leo Delgado, President of Converged Services and John Wattick, Vice President met with Chad and Diane Braswell who outlined the challenges Stonecrest was having with their gate system as well as all the different databases and programs the staff had to access just to change unit owner information. Converged Services discussed their Lifestyle Management Software platform Vertilinc Live, with Chad and Diane and scheduled an on-line demonstration.

Vertilinc Live offers managers and unit owners a multi-functional platform to effectively manage large scale communities; from seamless communications, access control integration to over 70 other modules that make managing and living easier.

After experiencing the software through the on-line demonstration, Chad found that Vertilinc Live did more than just gate access. The system basically did everything that the association needed it to do.

Updating numerous systems created room for error in the transfer of information. Data was also inputted in different ways to each system. Sometimes the address were spelled out; sometimes they were abbreviated. This made it hard to match information in the different systems.  With Vertilinc Live Stonecrest is able to update one system, eliminate several steps, and save time when entering data.

Once Vertilinc Live completes a redesign of Stonecrest’s website, they will reduce the phone calls to the gates because residents will be able to enter in the information online to allow their visitors into the community. That will be the final step to eliminate the multiple databases. Until then Stonecrest is still maintaining several; however, even in these early stages of implementation the Vertilinc Live software has already eliminated several of Stonecrest’s systems.

True to CSI’s customer service standards they have been with Stonecrest POA every step of the way, any concerns that have arisen or any changes necessary they have been able to complete. Chad who is in regular contact with CSI says, “Any questions I have are answered in an extremely timely manner. CSI with their Vertilinc Software has been very accommodating and willing to help. We will not be launching our new website until January but from what I can see it is going to make the residents and staff’s lives in Stonecrest much easier”.