Bin Storage…..In or Out?

There is a new frustration amongst Homeowners and Associations due to the automatic distribution of larger recycling bins in areas that previously used the smaller bins. While the dimensions of the bottom of the carts are WWCC_240_litre_Recycling,_Green_waste_and_Garbage_binssimilar to the smaller bins, the shear bulkiness is creating parking and storage issues for many owners. Some Florida counties have a smaller version of the new larger sized bins available upon request, but that doesn’t totally solve the storage issue.

Many Homeowner Associations have requirements for the storage of trash and recycle bins which often include that the bins be stored in a garage or “out of view of the community” on non-pickup days. While it isn’t appealing to see these carts out in the neighborhood, it can certainly be frustrating to take up valuable parking space in your garage to store garbage bins.

Traditionally, the more stringent language for trash and recycle storage appears in the adopted Rules and Regulations and not as specific language appears in the Declaration and CCR documents. In the majority of cases, the Rules can be changed by the Board of Directors through a notice process. Some Associations have adopted language to allow owners to create an L shaped storage area on the side of the house bordered by fence panels. Another recommendation for addressing the storage issue is to consider alternate storage on the side of the home shielded by landscape. Boards should take care to ensure the newly adopted rules contain specific criteria on what is allowed in terms of size, type, and placemen in order to maintain a favorable overall appearance of the community.

If this is an issue for your association, consider reviewing your documents and adopting a workable solution that retains the integrity of the community.