Team Building: Encouraging Synergy in the Workplace

Many studies have found how team building activities and events can promote a better working environment with more effective employees. By encouraging cooperative projects, companies may begin to see many benefits. Teamwork in the workplace fosters creativity, encourages dynamic communication, and blends multiple skill sets together to approach common problems.

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Leland Management understands the importance of team building activities. In addition to team bowling outings and holiday potlucks, Leland hosts an annual corporate training event. This event brings employees from different departments and divisions together for three days to learn new information and work together to solve various challenges. The Leland family gets the opportunity to work with people they may not get to work with on a regular basis. In many cases, this strengthens the working relationships between team members long after the event is over. Team members return from this event feeling refreshed and positive about their working environment which carries through when they are completing their daily tasks.

In the past, many companies encouraged a competitive, non-cooperative environment. By shying away from this model, employers can see tremendous increases in employee happiness, communication, creativity, and productivity. Leland Management knows that it takes a team to get a job done and by promoting a unified workplace Leland ensures that the team has the tools they need to shine.