Meet the Team – David Kosinski

David Kosinki was born in Chicago Heights, IL.  In 1977 he moved with his parents and younger sister to Longwood, FL where he attended elementary, middle, and high school.  He has fond childhood memories of his grandmother and great aunt staying with the family frequently and particularly loved his grandma’s Italian cooking!  During high school, David began experiencing severe pain in his neck at night.  A doctor’s visit revealed that David had a benign tumor Picon his spine at the base of his neck.  The doctors were extremely concerned due to the dangerous location of the tumor and during Easter of 1984, David was admitted for surgery.  He missed three months of high school while recovering in the hospital, but upon release he went back and was able to finish on time graduating from Lake Mary High school in 1985.

After high school, David decided to put some time into the workforce before attending college.  He worked for K-Mart and on the loading docks of an electronics company called Recoton.  After working for a few years, he decided to complete his education and ended up earning his accounting degree in 1995 from Seminole State College.  David entered the accounting field shortly thereafter and brings 20 years of HOA accounting experience to Leland Management.  He began working for Leland in 2010 and stated that he feels the best thing about working for Leland Management is the family oriented atmosphere, expressing that when you come in every day, you know you are surrounded by people who truly care about you and your well-being.

When David is not working, he enjoys playing video games on his Playstation, going to movies, and reading comic books.  He also is an avid geocacher.  Geocaching involves using GPS to locate hidden containers that are placed all over the world.  He began geocaching in 2004 and by 2007 he was number 10 in finding the most caches in the state of Florida.  He has visited every state except for Hawaii, Alaska, and Maine which he hopes to visit in the future.  David is also a fan of Disney theme parks and has each park practically memorized.  He now resides in Orlando with his girlfriend, dog, and two cats.

Leland is pleased to have David as part of the Leland family and we hope you enjoyed getting to know him in this segment of Meet the Team.

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