Meet the Team: Angela Evans

Leland’s 2016 Rising Star award recipient, Angela Evans from the IT department, was born in Northern Florida and grew up with her parents and older sister. She remained in Northern Florida for the first few years of her life before spending some of her young Angela.jpgchildhood years in Maine and Oklahoma.  By the age of 8, Angela was back in Orange Park, Florida where she attended elementary, middle, and high school.  Angela recalls being a very gifted student as a child.  Her parents stressed the importance of education and it paid off.  Angela was also an avid book reader and particularly enjoyed fantasy novels.  While her parents discouraged video games when her and her sister were young as they wanted them to focus on their studies, Angela found entertainment in books.  She would follow her mom around on flea market trips with her head in a book rather than shopping.

In 2011, Angela headed to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida. Her dad did work as a computer programmer who programmed medical software.  This must have rubbed off a bit on Angela as she majored in computer science and engineering.  Angela continued to be a hard worker and a good student.  During her time at UF, she worked as a hostess and as a technology consultant in the campus computer labs to pay her way through college.  She independently paid for all of her tuition and books so she was able to graduate free of student loans.  While in college, Angela made some good friends and finally was able to play video games in her leisure time.  She was also a governing member of the college’s anime club.

While attending UF, Angela met her boyfriend Sean. Once she graduated in 2015, she moved with Sean to Winter Springs, FL where she currently resides with her childhood cat, Rosie.  In her free time, Angela enjoys playing tactical strategy video games such as Terraria & Ark: Survival Evolved and watching anime.  She also enjoys computer programming as a hobby which shows that her passion for technology is strong.  While she does not have as much time to read as she used to, Angela takes advantage of her longer commute by enjoying audiobooks.  Additionally, she has weekly chats via Skype with her sister who lives in Japan and teaches English.

In the future, Angela hopes to travel more. When she and Sean went to the Georgia mountains, they had a wonderful time and hope to experience more places.  Angela says that her favorite thing about working for Leland is the people.  She loves how friendly and welcoming people are.  Also, Angela was inspired during her interview that the IT director is a woman in what can sometimes be a male dominated field.  Angela loves working in IT because she feels she is good with computers and good at helping others understand them as well.  We appreciate Angela’s hard work and are proud to have her on the Leland team!

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