Qualities of an Effective Association Management Company


Community Association management is an industry that involves many different disciplines such as accounting, marketing, information technology, legal, and insurance. As a result, board members often face challenges when finding a good management company that meets all of their association’s needs.

When looking for a management company, the specific needs of the community must always be considered to ensure a good fit.  Additionally, there are certain qualities that every management company should possess such as transparency, experience, and commitment to ongoing education.


Transparency is the cornerstone of trust. Residents place extensive amounts of trust in their association management company when hiring them. The two most common complaints in the industry are lack of communication and transparency regarding financial information. At Leland Management, we set ourselves apart by addressing these complaints head-on through the structure and culture of this company. From the systems used to track tasks, to the web portal we provide for our board members and residents, communication and transparency are at the forefront of our service.

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When looking for a management company experience is paramount. Hiring an experienced management company offers many benefits to both the board and the entire community association.   For example, when recruiting, the company can rely on their experience during the interview and selection process to find the best candidates and perfect fit for the community. Without a good team to assist in everyday activities, a management company could not survive, as the company is truly only as good at the team.



At Leland, we have dedicated the past 20 years striving to continuously advance our field through education.  By offering educational courses to not only our employees but also association boards, we are able to assist board members in understanding their roles and responsibilities. Continuing our industry education and enhancing our knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of Association Management is critical and we are always in search of opportunities to learn more and become more effective. With education comes skills, knowledge, competence, growth, and the ability to get things done.


When deciding on a management company make sure to keep an eye out not only for the services the company can provide but the qualities that make up the structure of the company.  Ask questions that will speak to the company’s overall transparency, experience and commitment to education. These qualities will help ensure that you are picking the best management company and add significant value to your community. Having an effective property management will bring many benefits like less stress, more freedom, ultimately giving you back more of your time. What are you waiting for? At Leland, we are ready to serve your community.



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