Meet the Team: Frank Pelot

This edition of Meet the Team features Orlando CAM Frank Pelot. Frank’s family came to Florida in 1854.  He was born in Ocala and raised in Belleview with his parents and older sister.  Frank has also lived in Ohio, Michigan, and Utah, but largely remained in Florida. Frank

Frank enjoys education and learning which is apparent when looking at his college history.  Frank holds two degrees including a Bachelors in Mechanical Design Technology obtained from the College of Central Florida and a Bachelors in Business Education from the University of Phoenix.  Frank spent many years working in the aerospace industry.  He worked on many important projects during this time, one of which was the cruise missile program.  He also worked in the stainless steel business before retiring.

Though Frank may have retired from the aerospace and stainless steel industries, he was nowhere near finished working.  Frank was and continues to be active on the board of his HOA; in fact, he is currently president of his association.  He had a friend that worked in the community management industry also so his interest in the field led Frank to obtain his license.  At an FCAP event, he met the owners of Leland Management, David & Rebecca Furlow, and ended up joining Leland three years ago.  Frank says he likes working for Leland because of the people, the open and friendly atmosphere, and the technology that Leland utilizes.  Frank has obtained his CFCAM designation so he is definitely enjoying the field!

When Frank is not at work, he enjoys playing golf, working with computers, and teaching adult classes at his church.  He lives with his wife of 42 years, Judy, and has a son named John who lives in Jacksonville.  For the future, Frank wants to continue to remain healthy and active.  He currently works out four to five days a week.  He also wants to keep working as long as he possible can.  We are proud that Frank is a member of the Leland family and hope you enjoyed learning more about him in this installment of Meet the Team.


Meet the Team: Angela Evans

Leland’s 2016 Rising Star award recipient, Angela Evans from the IT department, was born in Northern Florida and grew up with her parents and older sister. She remained in Northern Florida for the first few years of her life before spending some of her young Angela.jpgchildhood years in Maine and Oklahoma.  By the age of 8, Angela was back in Orange Park, Florida where she attended elementary, middle, and high school.  Angela recalls being a very gifted student as a child.  Her parents stressed the importance of education and it paid off.  Angela was also an avid book reader and particularly enjoyed fantasy novels.  While her parents discouraged video games when her and her sister were young as they wanted them to focus on their studies, Angela found entertainment in books.  She would follow her mom around on flea market trips with her head in a book rather than shopping.

In 2011, Angela headed to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida. Her dad did work as a computer programmer who programmed medical software.  This must have rubbed off a bit on Angela as she majored in computer science and engineering.  Angela continued to be a hard worker and a good student.  During her time at UF, she worked as a hostess and as a technology consultant in the campus computer labs to pay her way through college.  She independently paid for all of her tuition and books so she was able to graduate free of student loans.  While in college, Angela made some good friends and finally was able to play video games in her leisure time.  She was also a governing member of the college’s anime club.

While attending UF, Angela met her boyfriend Sean. Once she graduated in 2015, she moved with Sean to Winter Springs, FL where she currently resides with her childhood cat, Rosie.  In her free time, Angela enjoys playing tactical strategy video games such as Terraria & Ark: Survival Evolved and watching anime.  She also enjoys computer programming as a hobby which shows that her passion for technology is strong.  While she does not have as much time to read as she used to, Angela takes advantage of her longer commute by enjoying audiobooks.  Additionally, she has weekly chats via Skype with her sister who lives in Japan and teaches English.

In the future, Angela hopes to travel more. When she and Sean went to the Georgia mountains, they had a wonderful time and hope to experience more places.  Angela says that her favorite thing about working for Leland is the people.  She loves how friendly and welcoming people are.  Also, Angela was inspired during her interview that the IT director is a woman in what can sometimes be a male dominated field.  Angela loves working in IT because she feels she is good with computers and good at helping others understand them as well.  We appreciate Angela’s hard work and are proud to have her on the Leland team!

Meet the Team – David Kosinski

David Kosinki was born in Chicago Heights, IL.  In 1977 he moved with his parents and younger sister to Longwood, FL where he attended elementary, middle, and high school.  He has fond childhood memories of his grandmother and great aunt staying with the family frequently and particularly loved his grandma’s Italian cooking!  During high school, David began experiencing severe pain in his neck at night.  A doctor’s visit revealed that David had a benign tumor Picon his spine at the base of his neck.  The doctors were extremely concerned due to the dangerous location of the tumor and during Easter of 1984, David was admitted for surgery.  He missed three months of high school while recovering in the hospital, but upon release he went back and was able to finish on time graduating from Lake Mary High school in 1985.

After high school, David decided to put some time into the workforce before attending college.  He worked for K-Mart and on the loading docks of an electronics company called Recoton.  After working for a few years, he decided to complete his education and ended up earning his accounting degree in 1995 from Seminole State College.  David entered the accounting field shortly thereafter and brings 20 years of HOA accounting experience to Leland Management.  He began working for Leland in 2010 and stated that he feels the best thing about working for Leland Management is the family oriented atmosphere, expressing that when you come in every day, you know you are surrounded by people who truly care about you and your well-being.

When David is not working, he enjoys playing video games on his Playstation, going to movies, and reading comic books.  He also is an avid geocacher.  Geocaching involves using GPS to locate hidden containers that are placed all over the world.  He began geocaching in 2004 and by 2007 he was number 10 in finding the most caches in the state of Florida.  He has visited every state except for Hawaii, Alaska, and Maine which he hopes to visit in the future.  David is also a fan of Disney theme parks and has each park practically memorized.  He now resides in Orlando with his girlfriend, dog, and two cats.

Leland is pleased to have David as part of the Leland family and we hope you enjoyed getting to know him in this segment of Meet the Team.

Meet the Team: Family Edition

For this family focused edition of our Meet the Team seriesimage3 we would like to introduce you to two members of the Leland Management team, Nicole and Greg. Nicole is the manager of first impressions here at Leland and Greg is an integral member of our gates department; however, their story goes far beyond a tale of two co-workers.

Nicole, born in Riverside, CA, moved to Orlando with her family at the tender age of four. She then attended St. Margaret Mary Catholic School in Winter Springs until the 8th grade and transferred to Winter Springs High School where she graduated in 2003. After high school she partnered with the Americare School of Nursing to become a Registered Medical Assistant. She then took her education to work for a Doctor’s office in Winter Park from 2007 to 2014. Here she became good friends with a fellow co-worker named Denise. One day in 2008, Denise’s son, Greg, came into the office to be treated for the flu and Nicole took care of him during his visit. It was then that Nicole and Greg first met each other. Greg was also a Central Florida native and attended Daytona Beach Community College where he graduated in 2002. He then started and ran his own flooring installation company from 2005 to 2011. It was in this time frame that Nicole and Greg started their relationship by going on a first date at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant in Winter Park. After two years of dating Greg proposed to Nicole during the Christmas season of 2010.

Their lives changed on April 25th, 2011 when their son Trenton was born. Trenton, who is now three, is an avid Disney and Ninja Turtles fan. Greg says Trenton loves his mother, chicken nuggets, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates (a children’s cartoon). This family of three enjoys going to Disney and the beach regularly. In the summers, they make their way to The Shores Resort in Daytona Beach for an annual family vacation.

Both Nicole and Greg joined the Leland team in the second quarter of 2014 allowing them to add work to the list of ways their lives are entwined. Nicole says her favorite part of being here at Leland is the way we invest in our employees personally through our Kid’s Day, Team Building and holiday events. Greg agrees that he enjoys those investments as well but more so appreciates the high level of community involvement Leland has with Nathaniel’s Hope, Making Strides against Breast Cancer, and other non-profit organizations.

We are proud to have Nicole and Greg as members of the Leland team and hope you enjoyed meeting one of our Leland Management families.

Meet the Team: Josh Panagos

Joshua PanagosAfter several pre-emptive trips to the hospital Joe and Lisa Panagos decided to wait until they knew for sure that Lisa was ready to give birth before they returned. On the way to the hospital on January 26th, 1991 their son, Josh Panagos, was born at a Chevron gas station in Titusville, Florida. One of six children, Josh was homeschooled through the 8th grade and then attended and graduated from Titusville High School in 2009. After high school, Josh moved to Tennessee for a year to start up a Jet Ski rental company with his uncle. The company, Music City Water Sports, was taken over by his uncle full-time when Josh returned to Florida to attend college. Currently a senior studying Computer Science at the University of Central Florida, ranked second in the nation for Computer Science, Josh is set to graduate in summer 2015. Josh worked his way through college as a bartender at Applebee’s for two years before joining the Leland team in August 2014. As a member of our Information Technology department he is responsible for managing Leland’s document locator server and client, resolving general PC/Tops issues, and performing updates to our Citrix environment. Josh says his favorite aspect of Leland is the opportunity to work on various projects and learn a broad range of skills while in a positive working environment. When asked about future goals Josh says he would like to eventually build his own house, run a marathon and travel to Greece.

We are proud to have Josh on our team and hope you enjoyed this installment of our Meet the Team series.

Meet the Team: Rachelle Kirkley

Rachelle Kirkley a Lake County native, calls Leesburg Florida home. Working as Leland’s Rachelleonsite Community Association Manager at Summerglen Rachelle commutes 40 minutes to and from work each day because she loves the community she manages and its residents, even being quoted as saying “The people that live at Summerglen are wonderful and friendly. There is a real sense of community spirit here.”  Rachelle who earned her CAM license in 2007 has over 15 years of experience in the industry. Getting her start in property management at Pringle Development, a 55+ community development group, Rachelle gained expertise in aspects of community management including: landscaping, maintenance, warranty, and closings.

In her personal life Rachelle has furthered her education at Lake Sumter Community College where she studied business administration. She is also a mother of two, Matthew and Michael, step-mother of Charley and Dayne, and mother-in-law of Amanda (married to Dayne) and Amber (married to Matthew). She and her husband, Bruce, recently welcomed their first grandchild, Sophie, in 2013. When Rachelle is not in the office she loves to cook, watch sports, and be out on the water. We are proud to have Rachelle on our team and hope you enjoyed this installment of our Meet the Team series.

Meet the Team: Kim Twiss

AlthouKim Twissgh Kim Twiss was born in Virginia she considers the cotton state her home. Growing up in Alabama Kim was an avid sports fan and played softball, ran track, and was on the cheerleading squad at her high school. After graduating from Glencoe High in 1978 she applied to Auburn University where she was accepted and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. To fund her education Kim worked as a lifeguard throughout college.  Going to work immediately upon graduation she used her degree to become a successful reporter in various distribution channels including: radio, television, and newspaper print. In 1985 Kim gave birth to her daughter Kalli who is now 28 and graduated from the University of Florida with a Master’s degree in food and economic resource. To be close to family, Kim and Kalli moved to Citrus County in the early 90s and Kim went to work with her parents who owned Century21 property Management Company. Here she started managing rental properties and earned her CAM license in 1994. In May of 2008 Kim joined the Leland Management team in the Ocala Division.

When she is not in the office Kim is either attending a college football game or taking photos. A talented and accomplished amateur photographer Kim has photographed countless events and even shot the photographs used to decorate Leland’s Citrus office. She is also a huge animal lover and works closely with the local Humane Society to raise awareness and encourage adoptions in the area.

We are proud to have Kim as a valued member of our team and hope you enjoyed this installment of our Meet the Team series.

Meet The Team: Jen Miller

Jen Miller was born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on March 15, 1979. When she was 10 years old,FullSizeRender she moved from Ft. Lauderdale to St. Augustine, FL where she went to middle school & high school. At age 19, she began college at the University of North Florida as a history major.

She has now lived in Jacksonville for 16 years and enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and two dachshunds, Peanut & Pumpkin. Jen likes being outdoors and loves animals. In her free time, she works out, travels, goes camping and spends lots of time at the beach. In the past year, she has traveled to Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, South Carolina and Pennsylvania. Her goal is to one day retire and live in the mountains in Pennsylvania. Jen has worked for Leland for seven years and we are happy to feature her in this week’s issue of our Meet the Team series.

Meet the Team: Lydia Dominique

Lydia Dominique was born on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. She and her family Lydiamoved to the Bronx, New York at the age of fifteen where she graduated high school 1988. In 1994, Lydia began her family with the birth of her first of two daughters, Divina, and then Akira in 1998. In 2001, Lydia and the girls made the move to Florida to be closer to family. It was here that Lydia went back to school to further her education and graduated with an Associate’s degree in accounting in 2007.  Lydia spends her personal time with family and also serves as the Vice President of a local non-profit organization for the past seven years. This organization, The St. Lucia Association of Central Florida, aids the St. Lucian community in the immediate central Florida area as well as in St. Lucia.

Lydia and her husband Ernest were recently married in June of this year and along with Divina and Akira form a very tight knit and loving family. In 2009, Lydia joined the Leland team in the accounting department and says she truly appreciates the support and open-door policy exemplified by senior management.

Meet the Team: Edie Hewitt

Edith “Edie” Hewitt was born in Levittown, NY on July 20th, 1962. She spent her 100_1124childhood in New York and recalls always being active in outdoor sports.  Edie spent her days at the pool where her mother coached her and her two older sisters to the elite level of championship swimming and diving. At the age of 15 Edie and her family relocated to Orlando, Florida where she later graduated from Colonial High School.  Edie started her career at 20 years old and took a job at Disney in the health insurance department. She also went to Winter Park Vo-Tech and completed courses in Medical Terminology, CPT Coding, and Medical Billing. A naturally hard worker Edie moved through the ranks quickly and was promoted to a Medical Claims Processor. After a 19 year tenure with Disney the health insurance department was outsourced and Edie began working for a local real estate company before joining the Leland Team in January 2006. Edie says that Leland is her second family and that she genuinely loves her job.

At home Edie takes care of her husband Dean and two dogs: Diesel and Biscuit.  She loves to travel and has been to Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, and New Mexico to see the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Still an avid fan of the outdoors she enjoys fishing on her boat and waterskiing.  She also went tandem skydiving in Deland and says it was the biggest thrill of her life and would do it again in a heartbeat.

We enjoy sharing out team’s stories with you and look forward to our next segment of Meet the Team.